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Buying Property:


• Selecting an Agent: The right agent will help you find the property you have been looking for and also help you compare prices and get a good sense of the regional property market.
• Make a deposit: €6000 with Medjugorje Properties. This is a reservation deposit and will take the property off the market. Then your lawyer will run a check to ensure that the property is rent free, taxes have been paid and all documents are in order.
• Lawyer: Medjugorje Properties will recommend a lawyer who understands your needs and concerns as a foreign buyer and knows the market inside out. He will arrange all matters pertaining to the purchase.
• Exchanging Private contracts: Your lawyer will draw up a private contract stipulating terms and dates. Under normal circumstances and according to standard you will be expected to pay a 10% deposit within a month (your personal agreement may differ).
• Payment Process:
• 10% Deposit within a month of drawing up the contract
• 25% after a 3 month period
• 25% after the next three month period
• 25% after the next three month period
• 15% upon completion - the €6000 reservation deposit
• Notary: On the agreed upon date, the buyer and seller (or authorized representatives) will meet at the township office to sign and stamp the public contract which states the property is sold free of charges, mortgages and tenants. The balance of the payment is made and possession is transferred to the buyer.
• The registration office is then notified of change of ownership and the deed is registered after payment of tax.
• Costs: Property Purchase tax 5%, contract translation by a court registered translator €100, lawyers fee €400 - €500, property registration fee €50.
• More detailed information is available upon request.

Contact Darren Mullan
Office number: 00 387 36 651 518
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