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Selling Property:


Whatever the size or location of your property if you decide to sell in Medjugorje then you have two major priorities.

1) To ensure that details of your property are made available as quickly as possible to as many interested buyers as possible.

2) To make certain that you get a quick sale at a favorable price.

• Selecting an Agent: The right agent will help you sell the property and also help you compare prices and get a good understanding of the regional property market.
• Medjugorje Properties will advertise your property in its real estate office and on its website. We will put together a sales package on your property including photographs and property information for potential buyers.
• When your property is ready to sell, our service includes professionally executed paperwork, streamlined administration and impressive levels of support and assistance at every stage of the process.
• Medjugorje Properties will handle all the organisation aspects of the sale by arranging solicitors, notary signing and preparing the buyer for the sale.
• Exchanging private contracts: Medjugorje Properties will arrange for the drawing up and translation (where required) of the contract.
• Payment Process: For the advertisement of your property and arrangement of viewings, there is no fee. Upon completion of a successful sale the standard fee is 3% (personal agreement may differ) that under normal circumstances and according to standard you will be expected to pay within a month of the sale.
• Notary: On the agreed upon date, the buyer and seller (or authorized representatives) will meet at the township office to sign and stamp the public contract which states the property is sold free of charges, mortgages and tenants. The balance of the payment is made to the seller and possession is transferred to the buyer.
• More detailed information is available upon request.

Some of the properties currently available
Pansions / Guest houses
Small Houses
Land for building
Commercial Properties
Land and properties in the Industrial Zone

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