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About Medjugorje:


Fruit and Vegetables
Throughout Medjugorje there are little grocery stores run and operated by locals. Each store provides for all your necessities including food stuffs and toiletries.

There are two bakeries in Medjugorje one on the main street and one opposite the school. Both offer excellent examples of local delicatessen.

Chemist / Pharmacy
There are two pharmacies on the main street. The first one is opposite the main entrance to St. James Church and the second is beside Hotel Regina. Both have helpful staff that cater for your medical needs.

There are a number of photograph processing centers throughout the town. Photo Dani is beside Columbo’s restaurant and can be identified by Kodac signs.

Shopping Centers
Located along the road into Medjugorje, there are two shopping centers.
Lip Trade services the needs of the local populace with a large grocery store on ground level and household appliances and clothing upstairs.
Malisic shopping centre on the cross-roads of the main road between Ljbuski and Citluk is more up market with a variety of shops from trendy clothes stores to coffee houses.

Cash & Money
There is a bank with a cash dispenser below Hotel Regina and a second cash dispenser beside Restaurant Dubrovnik located along the main street.
Most currencies are accepted and within Medjugorje shops will accept Euro, US dollars, Sterling (Queen’s head only), Kuna and Bosnian Mark.

Cafes & Restaurants
You will have no difficulty in finding somewhere to eat in Medjugorje.

The most frequented restaurants are Columbo’s and Coco’s beside St. James Church. For local cuisine and excellent prices try Big Macs beside the primary school. If you are looking for a more up market meal visit Gardens pub and restaurant or Hotel Regina down along the main street.

Taxis are easily available at the taxi stands in front of Colombo’s restaurant and further along towards Hotel Medjugorje. Any destination within Medjugorje has a standard fee of €5.
Typical fees from Medjugorje:

Citluk: €10
Mostar: €20 - €30
Dubrovnik: €80 - €100
Split: €80 - €100

Most Pubs and Restaurants will give you Taxi numbers or else call one for you.

Marinko Kikas 063 38 3635
Ante Skegro 063 377 138
Mate Vasily 063 320 623
Ivan Jerkovic 063 820 738


Swimming and leisure facilities
The Circle is perhaps one of the most unexpected delights of Medjugorje. Situated on the road out from Medjugorje going towards Malisic shopping centre, the Circle offers a place of retreat from the hot summer sun. Family friendly, the Circle has a number of outdoor swimming pools, sauna and massage facilities – a great place to rest tired feet.
This multi million euro compound is used as a training facility for some of Croatia’s top football teams and comes with modern gym and both outdoor and indoor pitches.
There is an outdoor bar and restaurant, an ideal place to spend a quiet and relaxing evening.

Nestled up in the mountains, Medjugorje is surrounded by beautiful views. There are many little country roads to be explored and walkways through vineyards and forests. Likened to an Ireland of sixty years ago, there is great peace and tranquillity to be found in and around Medjugorje’s surrounding area.

Wine Tasting
Wine and spirits have been part of the tradition of this region for hundreds of years with most local people still carrying on the old customs.
Some of the best of the local produce can be sampled at Andrija Wine Distillery out in the countryside area of Paoca beyond Citluk.
For sampling tours please telephone
00387 36 643 102 or
00387 644 025.
Email: podrum-andrija@aplus.ba